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Our Response to COVID-19

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to escalate, we at Changing Our World believe we have a responsibility to our community. While we can’t predict the future or know exactly how long our personal and professional lives will be impacted, we do know that fundraising is more important than ever as nonprofits navigate the new environment. And that companies have the opportunity, and often the obligation, to lead – using their scale and resources to alleviate financial, logistical, emotional and health-related challenges. In both of these areas, Changing Our World is here to help. We’re sharing insights on how organizations can respond and what happens next as the global economic order restructures.

  • Register now for FORGING FORWARD: A virtual philanthropic conference series focused on idea sharing, innovative solutions and a path forward

    Changing Our World and ONE HUNDRED are bringing leading experts across communications, marketing, corporate social responsibility, philanthropy, fundraising and government relations together to share a holistic view on the challenges and opportunities in front of us all during the evolving COVID-19 situation.

    Click here to learn more about FORGING FORWARD.

  • The Purpose Compass: A practical guide to finding your social impact “north star"

    In this time of great uncertainty and change, many CSR professionals are taking a step back to assess their social impact strategies and programs. Changing Our World has released a new resource to help companies identify (or recalibrate) their social impact “north star.”


    A big topic of conversation in the nonprofit world is what to do with fundraising events during COVID-19. Here are a few examples of how some organizations have successfully transitioned to online events. Our hope is that these serve as a resource for you as you explore what to do with your own events.

  • Reporting Results: The Hartford Bishops' Foundation

    Changing Our World recently collaborated with The Hartford Bishops’ Foundation by leading an organized response to the COVID-19 pandemic, quickly setting up the Emergency Response Fund (ERF) to help offset the significant impact on parish life, Catholic schools, and social service programs that resulted when churches in the Archdiocese of Hartford were forced to close their doors through much of the Lent and Easter seasons.

    In a matter of weeks, more than $500,000 was raised for the ERF that will be distributed as grants to help address the urgent needs of parishes throughout central Connecticut.


  • Emergency Response Services

    Changing Our World knows that, in the midst of a crisis or unexpected change, there is a need to understand the full scope of the implications for one’s organization. Often there is a need to manage internal realignment, provide additional services in the face of an unprecedented situation and/or an urgent need to maintain operations and stabilize losses. Changing Our World provides our clients with a roadmap for how to get through the crisis and how leaders can begin to navigate to what’s next.

  • A Nonprofit's Guide to the CARES Act: What the new federal laws dealing with COVID-19 mean for nonprofits

    You’ve likely seen the news about the new federal stimulus package – the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) (S. 748) – but may still be asking yourself, what does it mean for my organization? For us, the message is clear: as this crisis unfolds, it is essential that nonprofits develop well-defined, actionable plans that plug into these benefits. Remaining focused on your mission, tapping into the resources available to you and infusing creativity in your communications, donor engagement and fundraising strategies will be essential to your success – during this time of crisis and when we all come out of this, together.


    On Wednesday, May 20th at 2pm EDT Changing Our World’s Gavan Mooney, President and Chief Client Officer, will be facilitating a conversation with our partners on being “MISSION STRONG: Persevere through COVID-19 while positioning your school for future success” featuring: Christopher L. Rebuck, President, Bishop Lynch High School, Jim Urbanus, Chief Advancement Officer, Bishop Lynch High School; and, Rob Wile, Senior Consultant, Changing Our World/ONE HUNDRED.

    To learn more click here

  • How are corporations responding to COVID-19?

    With “social distancing” being the most important action people can take right now, employees whose work requires contact with the public are at immediate risk, not only for catching the virus but also for lost wages and lost jobs. To alleviate those stressors and ensure that employees stay home, particularly when they are sick, many companies are extending financial supports to employees, even as their revenue is threatened.

  • The business case for good corporate citizenship is amplified during this crisis

    With COVID-19 on the rise, corporations face uncharted territory with each passing day. Once the immediate public health crisis subsides, the impact in our communities will be economic, leaving already vulnerable populations, and the organizations that serve them, in a very difficult place. In the midst of this crisis, there is a strong business case for authentic corporate response: earning public trust, keeping employees engaged, and ensuring safe and stable communities.


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