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How are corporations responding to COVID-19?

March 20, 2020

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

With COVID-19 on the rise, we all face unchartered territory with each passing day; the challenges we face—financial, logistical, emotional and health-related—weigh on everyone.

In these uncertain and challenging times, companies have the opportunity, and often the obligation, to lead – using their scale and resources to alleviate many of these pressures.

As part of Omnicom Group, we are fortunate enough to see firsthand how companies and brands are quickly responding during this unprecedented time. Changing Our World has summarized some of the commendable ways we’ve seen companies step up and leverage key assets to help keep employees, customers, community members and society at large safe. Click here to review our summary. 

As these examples illustrate, the business case for good corporate citizenship – earning public trust, keeping employees engaged, and ensuring safe and stable communities – is amplified in this crisis.

We’ll continue to monitor and provide relevant updates as the COVID-19 corporate response evolves. Next week, we plan to dive deeper on what good, impactful corporate philanthropy looks like in this time of crisis. We encourage you to send us questions and comments as they arise.

Our best wishes for staying safe, healthy and optimistic,

Maureen Flynn                                             Mandy Ryan

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