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Changing Our World

Fortune 500s and start-ups, international agencies, educational institutions, and community organizations – Changing Our World empowers our mission-driven clients to achieve positive change and results.

Partnering with companies and nonprofits alike, our team develops strategies for one sector that are informed by our experiences in the other. Offering tailored solutions unique to our client’s environment, we are biased toward action – helping those who want to do good, do it better, faster, and more authentically.


We help clients to strengthen revenue strategies, develop innovative partnerships, and evolve to meet the demands of a changing world. At the core of our fundraising philosophy is the concept of Radical Connection. Our services are designed to ensure clients achieve Radical Connections with their donors, enabling them to win the competition for connection.

With solutions rooted in a nonprofit’s unique operating environment, clients are empowered to set and achieve ambitious fundraising goals; establish higher habits and patterns of giving; ensure the systems and processes are in place to facilitate donor connection and revenue growth; and see – and use – their data in new ways to unearth areas of opportunity.

Planning and Feasibility Studies

Data, research, and best-practice informed analysis articulating an organization’s optimal road to fundraising success, and the systems and process improvements that will ensure goal achievement.

Capital & Endowment Campaigns

Direction and implementation of large-scale fundraising initiatives – capital, endowment, and multi-organizational.

Development Plans & Operations

Merging deep analytics and emotional intelligence to determine routes to success and developing strategies and systems that efficiently and effectively drive engagement across constituencies.

Strategic Planning & Design

Multi-year, research-informed, inward/outward-focused plans for established and emerging initiatives – with built-in mechanisms for anticipating and responding to change.

Training & People Development

Supporting board and staff development through retreats, high-level management counsel, team and individual goal-setting, and professional development programs.

Interim Staffing

Ensuring continuity during staff disruption or leadership searches and serving as interim outsourced staff for new initiatives and organizations.

Corporate Social Engagement

Our Corporate Social Engagement team designs and implements strategic programs that deliver social impact while driving business objectives. We focus on maximizing the ways in which a company leverages its resources and engages with its employees, consumers and community partners to authentically address vital social needs.

We thrive on deep and integrated partnerships, working closely with clients to develop solutions that reinforce their brand, build employee morale, win consumer loyalty, and create measurable social impact. Priding ourselves on translating insight into action, at the core of our work is the belief that – by connecting business and social success – companies can change the world for the better.

Social Impact Platforms

A multi-stakeholder, research-based approach to developing the overarching framework, structure and messaging for clients’ social impact strategy. From stakeholder interviews to competitor benchmarking to community needs analysis, our methodology convenes diverse perspectives to deliver an integrated, organized and implementable plan that takes strategy to the next level.

Strategic Partnerships

Maximizing strategic investments and co-creating initiatives with our clients’ nonprofit partners. From goal-setting and partnership agreements, to day-to-day program management, to measurement and evaluation – we facilitate symbiotic partnerships on behalf of our clients.

Signature Programs

Designing branded and ownable social impact initiatives. We work with our clients to identify the social challenges they are best equipped to address and determine the ways that they can leverage their portfolio of assets to drive measurable impact.

Employee Engagement

Creating and managing programs that act as a culture driver and key piece of the employee value proposition through volunteerism, workplace giving and community investments.


Articulating goals and defining key metrics to track and demonstrate progress within strategic focus areas – leveraging qualitative and quantitative data to demonstrate the success of your investments.

Social Impact Storytelling

Transcending a traditional communications approach to deepen stakeholder engagement and drive competitive advantage. We uncover the key drivers behind a company’s commitment to social impact, articulating strategic priorities through a unique lens that fosters radical connection with key stakeholders.


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