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The Purpose Compass: A practical guide to finding your social impact “north star”

Health. Education. Racial justice. Climate change. Basic human needs. Companies today are called upon to respond to and address a whole host of social and environmental challenges.

Each is important. Most are urgent. And many do have some connection to the company, its social “license to operate,” and its long-term business viability.

So how do companies sort through these issues – those they anticipate now and those which are unpredictable yet inevitable – and respond swiftly and intentionally?

By finding their social impact “north star” – their focus (or often a set of priorities) which affords them the greatest opportunity to create positive social and business value – the areas where they can and must drive change.

Whether you call it purpose, CSR, citizenship or shared value, the goal is to identify a well-researched, company-specific, actionable platform for your company’s role in society.

Changing Our World’s Purpose Compass serves as a practical and digestible tool to help companies identify their social impact “north star.” 

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