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Austin, Texas

Amy Benson

As a senior director at Changing Our World, Amy is focused largely on writing new business proposals and fundraising cases for support on behalf of our firm.

Immediately prior to joining Changing Our World, Amy served as a Peace Corps volunteer stationed in the Kalahari Desert, where she partnered with the Botswana government, as well as Southern Africa’s private sector, to develop programming and sustainable development projects focused on literacy and youth development, as part of the national response to Botswana’s HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Amy’s background includes communications roles within the government of Texas, where she led constituent communications for the chair of the Texas Senate Democratic Caucus. She has also served as communications manager to New York-based nonprofit, The Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc., where Amy was the speech writer for the Society’s president and executive director. She has previously worked as head of communications for Brooklyn-based furniture design firm, Casa Kids and in the media relations departments of two boutique public relations firms in New York City, where she led the launches of several digital media platforms.

An experienced travel writer, Amy has reported from developing and middle-income nations throughout the world, including Nepal, Myanmar, Ethiopia and Ecuador. She is also an accomplished woodworker, furniture maker and chef.

Amy holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Texas at San Antonio and a master’s degree in communications from Syracuse University. She sits on the Board of Trustees for CSI-Concepts Foundation, an organization dedicated to youth empowerment and education in Botswana.