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MG360: A Holistic Approach to Major Gifts Fundraising

Transformational gifts come from meaningful relationships.

MG360 is Changing Our World’s holistic approach to major gifts fundraising, that leverages the involvement of leaders from across an organization, designs strategy built on all available evidence, and empowers teams to build relationships that result in transformational support. Our approach empowers both program leaders and gift officers alike by designing and focusing on metrics that drive performance, not just activity, and clarifying expectations of all involved.

By creating integrated development operations that bring supporters, volunteer leadership, and staff from across the organization to the table—and that help donors to understand that their most meaningful gifts are made through your organization—we help to build purpose-driven cultures as part of enhancing fundraising performance.

We couple this donor centric approach with a deep respect for data and the power of AI and machine learning. This empowers our partners with meaningful intelligence that provides a focus on the prospects who possess both capacity and shared passions, and the information to chart the shortest path from identification to solicitation.

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