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How Changes in the Financial Ecosystem of Nonprofit Support Will Impact Campaigns | Essay 3

In the third installment of Changing Our World’s 2019 essay series exploring new and better ways to ensure the growth of the nonprofit sector, we expound on giving as an ecosystem. Gone are the days of simplicity. Private support of cause-based organizations – whether pure nonprofits or market hybrids – flows in increasingly complex ways. This is true in two dimensions:

  • Within charitable gift giving, the sources and structures of giving, and the strings tied to gifts, are multiplying.
  • Outside of traditional gift giving, whole new sources of revenue and financial systems are funding cause opportunities.

The new ecosystem of nonprofit support is not just multiple flows of resources. It is an ecology in which those flows intersect and are interdependent. The entire system is dependent on deeper contextual changes in society and on changing expectations of how organizations should impact sustainability and problem-solving.

Download the full essay here.