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Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a global giving movement that has been built by individuals, families, organizations, business and communities in countries around the world. Millions of people have come together to support causes they believe in and the communities in which they live. This year for Giving Tuesday, Changing Our World wanted to get in on the conversation by highlighting our best asset: our people! Everyone has something to give, whether it’s time or expertise, monetary donations large or small, simple acts of kindness, food or clothing. This is how some CW Globers are joining the movement this year. Check out the stories and pictures from our people below:

Gavan Mooney
“On Giving Tuesday, the Mooney’s will be supporting The Ann Romney Center for Neurological Diseases at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. It’s a global collaborative aimed at accelerating treatments, prevention, and cures for 5 of the world’s most devastating neurological diseases- MS/ALS/Alzheimer’s/Parkinson’s and brain tumors.”

Benjamin Bernstein
“For Giving Tuesday this year, I plan to support iMentor, a youth mentoring organization that matches students in underserved urban high schools to college-educated adult mentors, with the ultimate goal of creating long term, one-on-one mentoring relationships that will help guide these students through to college graduation. With incredible performance metrics and a proven model of positive youth development, I recently started volunteering in the iMentor program and believe strongly in its model and mission.”

Ariel Deitch
Every year on Giving Tuesday I support education advocacy and youth development organizations. This year I will support United We Dream – the largest immigrant youth-led community in the country – specifically their Education Equity Program because I believe in the power of young people and the advancement of educational justice in the U.S.”

Yasmine Hicks
“For Giving Tuesday this year, I will support the American Diabetes Association, a non-profit organization that is committed to preventing, curing and generally improving the lives of those affected by diabetes. Unfortunately, I have witnessed many of my friends and family suffer from the effects of living with the debilitating disease that is diabetes; as such, I look forward to supporting an organization that has committed itself to making the lives of my loved ones easier through their extensive efforts.”

Niriksha Kannan
This Giving Tuesday, I will support The Possibility Project, an organization that works with underserved teenagers in New York City transforming negative forces in their lives into positive action through the power of performing arts. I believe that the arts opens the hearts of humanity. I am proud to support this organization’s impactful work inspiring youth to empower themselves and be the leaders of a brighter, more inclusive future.”

Brady Press
“This year, as part of Giving Tuesday,  I will donate to Four Diamonds—an organization that strives to conquer childhood cancer by assisting children and their families through medical care, financial and emotional support, and innovative research. Four Diamonds covers 100 percent of all not-covered medical expenses related to cancer care for the patients of Penn State Children’s Hospital in Hershey, PA. Last year, almost two thirds of the organization’s additional funds went toward cancer research in pursuit of a cure. While a Penn State University student, I was heavily involved in supporting the organization; now, as an alumna, I will continue supporting this incredible cause as I have seen first-hand the positive impact on the children, and their families, suffering from pediatric cancer.”

MacKenzie O’Connor
“Every year on Giving Tuesday I support local non-profits that help build homes for families in need, such as Habitat for Humanity. I choose to support this cause, especially around this time of year, because everyone deserves to have a good, safe home for the holidays. I’ve seen first-hand through working with this organization how this cause changes families lives and communities throughout the country and it’s inspiring to see.”

Diana Curran
“When I was a kid I went outside to make mud pies, climb trees and didn’t come home until my mother shouted out —Diana, come home! The American Family has changed dramatically over the last few decades. There are growing numbers of children with diagnoses such as ADD or ADHD, and some experts believe that a part of the problem is a lack of time playing and learning about the outdoor world around them. Today’s parents know the benefits of spending time outdoors and connecting their child to a natural environment, but they are often too busy to make that a regular part of their children’s daily lives. Turn Back Time, farm school, wants to help give every child the opportunity to have a true connection with the natural world, the same connection that I had. Turn Back Time is a Non-Profit Farm/Nature Focused Children’s Program that recognizes that all children, but particularly children who struggle with difficult beginnings, benefit from being in a natural environment. This program has produced measurable results help children to reduce anxiety, increase happiness, enhance cooperation and focus concentration among vulnerable children.”

Jean Ann Montagna
“This year for Giving Tuesday, I will donate to the Cleveland Kids’ Book Bank. As a former volunteer, I have seen the incredible passion they have for their mission of literacy, ensuring that every child has books to call their own. Founded only a little more than two years ago, they have already distributed over 1,000,000 books throughout Northeast Ohio. They are truly innovative in how they procure donated books for all ages, and they distribute them through a variety of community-based programs, including agencies that promote family reading programs, schools, little free libraries, pediatricians’ offices, and child care programs.”

Greg Brand
“For Giving Tuesday, I am supporting the Legal Action Center, an organization dedicated to safeguarding the civil rights and liberties of people with criminal records, HIV/AIDS and histories of addiction. Through a range of initiatives, from policy advocacy and education to impact litigation and direct legal services, LAC combats systemic discrimination in health care, criminal justice, employment and housing.”

Mandy Ryan
Facing History and Ourselves is an amazing organization that empowers middle and high school teachers to teach students tolerance, critical thinking, and civic engagement – things we could use a lot more of these days. I had the privilege of participating in a Facing History class in high school and I’m supporting the organization this year in the hopes that it can reach more and more students in the years to come.”

Amy Benson
“I volunteer on a ‘Welcome Team’ that provides refugee families with a supportive network as they arrive in Austin and adjust to life in the United States. Refugee Services of Texas assists with everything from apartment set-up to enrolling children in school, and we have the opportunity to work with refugee families long-term, helping to make a real impact on their lives.”

Danielle Felico
“I’ve chosen to support Orchard House School, an all girls middle school in Richmond, VA and my alma mater. It helped me to understand the importance of uplifting other women and helped me grow as a young girl during my four years there. I hope my support can help the school to continue to empower young women in a place that is very special to myself.”

Brandi Holys
“For Giving Tuesday, I will be supporting the Nebraska Humane Society by renewing my membership in Friends Forever, the support guild for NHS. Friends Forever is a group of tireless advocates who support NHS through volunteering and raising funds. Being formerly employed by Nebraska Humane in the Development department and as an adopter from NHS, this organization is near to my heart. I am so thrilled that progress on a $14 million capital renovation started in November. Named the Judy Varner Adoption and Education Center (to honor the retired CEO) the renovations will benefit homeless animals who will find their second chance through adoption. Once adopted, these once homeless, discarded animals will provide companionship, comfort, entertainment, and much more to the people who love them.”

Marie Molese
“This year for Giving Tuesday I have chosen to donate to an effort lead by Villagers for Veterans in Florida to help them towards the goal of building an accessible home for 17‐year Army veteran SGT Pam Kelly. In 2002, while training for deployment to Iraq, her spine was crushed when a cable snapped during a sling load operation. As a result of her injuries, the Army medic was permanently paralyzed. Want to join me? More info at”

Lu Simon
“This year for Giving Tuesday I will be donating to the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence. While there is general knowledge about Domestic Abusive and Violence, we need to have a greater understanding that abuse comes in all forms, those that you can see such as the physical abuse, and the kind emotional kind; each breaks the mind and spirit. This organization provides much needed resources for those in need, as well as ways to get involved and break the cycle.”

Kate Amore
“I have chosen to give to Covenant House this year because they represent the last hope for many kids who have no where else to turn. I give to Covenant House because I am go grateful to have a home to go to and a bed to sleep in every night.”

Anna Vallez
“This year for Giving Tuesday I will give to Shoes to the World. I chose this organization because 100% of the donations goes to providing shoes to underprivileged children throughout the world.”