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Do More Good | School Sisters of Notre Dame

“School Sisters of Notre Dame: Two Centuries of Educating the Most Vulnerable Among Us and Bringing Justice to a Broken World.”

Founded nearly 200 years ago in 19th century Bavaria, the School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND) is an international congregation of apostolic religious women who were ahead of their time in understanding that the education of girls is crucial to the advancement of society.

Today, as in those early years of the Sisters’ work, the greatest treasure and resource of SSND is the Sisters who animate it. For two centuries, the Sisters of Notre Dame have answered the call to service, responding to the most urgent needs of our times, not only in North America, but around the world. One hundred and eighty-five years after the founding of their congregation, the School Sisters of Notre Dame continue to educate and create unity across the globe.

School Sisters of Notre Dame of the Atlantic-Midwest Province minister in over 40 locations in the United States, Canada, England and South Sudan. They are professors, teachers, administrators and counselors; they are librarians and spiritual directors; they are nurses, facilitators, artists and therapists; they are justice and peace promoters, as well as pastoral ministers, volunteers; and women of prayer. The Atlantic-Midwest Province sponsors or co-sponsors a university, three college preparatory schools for young women, two middle schools for students from low-income families, two temporary homes for women in recovery, and four centers providing learning and career development programs to vulnerable populations. Regardless of how they serve, the sisters educate in all that they do.

As an international community, SSND is constantly presented with opportunities to look beyond itself for ways to unify and serve people. SSND continuously seeks to be an effective steward, sharing resources and making decisions for the common good of the congregation. The Atlantic-Midwest Province is proud to support the congregation’s novitiate at the SSND headquarters in Rome, drawing women of faith from around the world.

SSND strives to advance the vision of a more unified world, by offering peace, hope and love to all; and to inspire others to transform lives through education. This is how SSNSD does more good. How will you?