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3. Changing Our World: The Podcast

While attending the NCEA Seton Awards & Philanthropy Symposium in D.C. last week, our CEO, Brian Crimmins, along with our President and Chief Client Officer, Gavan Mooney, sat down with some of the top minds in Catholic education from across the nation to question the conventional wisdom that frames much of the conversation around Catholic education today. While it may be true that our nation’s system of Catholic education faces challenges, what does the long-view tell us about its resiliency and strength? How do we find a common vocabulary for discussing effective Catholic education in the 21st century? Where can Catholic educators turn for the resources they need to address the complex issues that emerge in today’s classrooms? This week’s guests—Matthew Russell and Kathy Mears of NCEA and Mary Jane Krebbs, Ph.D. of the Institute for Catholic Schools at St. John’s University—take us on a journey toward answers. This episode is part one of a two-part crossover show with our sister podcast, Advancing Our Church. You can subscribe to both podcasts by visiting and clicking on “Podcast.” Subscribe on iTunes or wherever you download your favorite podcasts.


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