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WEBINAR: Corporate Citizenship Research Findings – The Authenticity Opportunity

  1:00 pm EST - 2:00 pm EST

Changing Our World recently conducted a study of Americans aged 18-65 to explore people’s perceptions of and expectations for authenticity in corporate citizenship. The findings reveal major implications for how companies should support social issues and causes.

Join Mandy Ryan and Maureen Flynn, Changing Our World’s research leads, to learn about the study’s findings and practical applications, including:

  • How the current environment is influencing people’s expectations, and perceptions, of corporate citizenship
  • How authentic engagement with social issues can bolster your brand and bottom line, and the risks of being deemed inauthentic
  • Clear strategies and practical advice for building an authentic corporate citizenship strategy (and what not do)

Download the webinar recording here.

Download the report here.

Mandy Ryan

Managing Director

Boston, Massachusetts

Maureen Flynn

Vice President

Syracuse, New York