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OUR CORE VALUES shape everything that we do as a company, from how we work with our clients, to the way we conduct interviews and internal meetings. These values are what you can expect from our team and what you’ll find in every aspect of our work.

Kindness at Our Core

We believe that leading with kindness is the catalyst to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. Changing Our World’s founding core value was the Golden Rule, to treat others the way we want to be treated. This is rooted in compassion and respect for others. Our people are our greatest asset, and we treat each other with empathy and show grace in all situations.

We are flexible and adaptable to meet the task at hand, and to provide support where it is most needed. We act with respect and humility because we know we have just as much to learn as we have to contribute. We aspire to model our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in all that we do.

Passion for Social Impact

Our commitment to changing the world goes far beyond our name. As a mission-driven firm, we exist to help our clients change the world for the better. This north star guides our work and animates our people. We are a passionate team that is dedicated to making a difference.

Our passion drives us to contribute to the advancement of the social sector overall – to ask the big questions, contribute to the conversation, and seek to expand the knowledge, perspectives and expertise at the table. Social progress is a collective journey, and we are a part of the solution.

Authentic Partnership

We immerse ourselves to deeply understand the environment in which our clients operate, from the day-to-day to the big picture. We take the time to thoroughly understand clients’ culture, operations, and priorities. Our client’s success is our success, and we are committed to doing whatever it takes to support our clients towards achieving their goals.

For social impact to be meaningful and sustainable, we believe that we must take a holistic approach to our work. This is why we integrate the perspectives of donors, fundraisers, subject matter experts and a range of corporate stakeholders to inform our path forward. Our team is not just those at Changing Our World, but we are proud to be a part of the Omnicom network because we can bring together experts across industries to fuel innovation and provide the best outcomes for our clients.

Integrity in All That We Do

We define integrity as being honest, respectful, equitable, meeting every commitment and making ethical business decisions. We lead with integrity, from our team culture, to client engagements, and how we operate in the world. We take ownership when errors occur and strive for transparency in all we do. We meet our clients where they are and work together in the best interest of each client’s mission and goals.

As we lead with integrity, it allows us to honestly approach situations with a flexible and responsive mentality, recognizing that the project at hand is a part of the organization’s bigger picture. This has led to deep relationships and yields long- term partnerships with our clients.

Evidence-Based Approach

Research and evaluation are cornerstones of our work. Our knowledge of each client’s world, combined with our data-driven approach and social good expertise, informs each engagement. We provide our clients with a comprehensive picture of the current and future state of the landscape in which they operate, and a clear understanding of what success looks like. This allows us to deliver tailored, innovative and nimble solutions to effectively grow, improve and achieve our client’s goals.

We uphold rigorous standards for all aspects of our work, no matter the project. We are deeply committed to achieving favorable outcomes for our clients and leaving them in a better place than where we started.



Our commitment to changing the world goes far beyond our name. As a mission-driven firm, we exist to help our clients change the world for the better. This north star guides our work and animates our people. We are a passionate team that is dedicated to making a difference in this world. 

But we can’t make a difference in this world if our teams don’t reflect the people in it. And we know that we can’t support our partners and the communities they serve if we don’t support each other first. We aspire to be an inclusive and equitable firm where all people – regardless of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation – feel welcome and protected, and to be a firm where everyone feels encouraged to achieve and celebrated for who they are. To be a diverse cohort of changemakers, we’re committed to doing the work internally, and we’re implementing a plan to get us in the right direction. We are focusing our efforts on recruitment, hiring, retention and learning and development on our path to becoming a more equitable, resilient, and inclusive firm.


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