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December 28, 2017

St. John’s University


St. John’s University is one of America’s leading Catholic universities – recognized for its superb academic programs, diverse student life and New York vitality. In preparation for an unprecedented fundraising and community engagement initiative, St. John’s University partnered with Changing Our World to conduct a planning study with the goal of developing a comprehensive plan that will increase the number of donors engaged with the University, and deepen that support such that it creates new, reliable streams of sustainable funding.


The study was designed to determine the ability of existing internal processes to bear the weight of a sustained and ambitious fundraising and community engagement effort and to recommend any necessary adjustments to those structures and processes. To augment traditional fundraising activities, Changing Our World employed a data-driven approach to understand the university’s changing environment – both internally and externally. The effort included a variety of research and analytical initiatives, including income projections, giving and engagement analysis, and environment mapping, coupled with interviews, surveys and a wealth of philanthropic analysis.


The comprehensive plan that resulted from this engagement will both measurably and materially advance the long-term fundraising capacities of St. John’s and contribute to achieving the objectives and priorities of the strategic plan. Following the study, Changing Our World partnered with the Institutional Advancement office to enhance internal capacity to support new strategies engaging – and securing support from – more alumni, tailoring strategies to focus on age, gender, professional industries and geographic locations.


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