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March 22, 2021

New York Academy of Medicine


The New York Academy of Medicine (NYAM) tackles the barriers that prevent every individual from living a healthy life. NYAM generates the knowledge needed to change the systems that prevent people from accessing what they need to be healthy, such as safe and affordable housing, healthy food, healthcare, and more. Through its high-profile programming for the general public, focused symposia for health professionals, and its base of dedicated Fellows and Members, NYAM engages the minds and hearts of those who also value health equity.


Changing Our World was engaged by New York Academy of Medicine to determine the viability of undertaking a fundraising campaign.



Through a campaign planning and assessment study process that included an array of personal interviews (with Board members, staff, Fellows and funders), a review of the organization’s fundraising history, a donor mail survey, and a wealth-screening of NYAM’s database, Changing Our World consultants evaluated the organization’s fundraising capacity and its potential to secure extraordinary support from key prospects. Ultimately, Changing Our World made recommendations around enhancing NYAM’s major gift program in anticipation of a campaign further into the future.


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