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December 28, 2017

Diocese of Dallas


In June 2012, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas, in anticipation of the 125th anniversary of the Diocese, engaged Changing Our World to conduct a feasibility study for a major fundraising campaign. At the conclusion of the study, and as a result of the overwhelmingly positive response from clergy, lay leadership, diocesan staff and key stakeholders, the Diocese of Dallas decided to move forward with a $125 million campaign and engaged Changing Our World as counsel.


The campaign was conducted as a two-pronged effort with a $65 million goal among the Diocese’s 75 parishes, in addition to a $60 million goal established by Bishop Farrell to be raised among high-net-worth individuals within the Diocese. The campaign funds were directed toward the diocesan parishes, Catholic schools, priestly formation, the restoration of the cathedral and Catholic Charities.


The campaign concluded over-goal, raising more than $130 million. The campaign also marked the first time in the history of the Diocese of Dallas in which the Latino and Vietnamese parishes were engaged and asked to participate in a diocesan-wide fundraising effort. Changing Our World’s campaign directors worked closely with the pastors and lay leaders of each parish to develop tailored approaches to giving that resonated strongly within each community. This proved to be highly effective. The 18 Latino parishes in the Diocese ultimately raised more than $15 million, surpassing their $13.9 million aggregate goal, in support of the diocesan-wide campaign and parish needs. The two Vietnamese parishes that participated both surpassed their targets as well, ultimately raising 189 percent of their aggregate goal.


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