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Changing Our World Updates

It’s Been an Exciting Summer
at Changing Our World


We recently launched a new visual identity, which includes a new logo. The new design continues to prominently feature the globe, but now has two arrows encircling it, which represent the work our corporate and nonprofit clients are doing to change the world for the better.

This refresh is not just a visual transition, but a reaffirmation of our commitment to providing organizations, institutions, and companies with exceptional service, innovative solutions, and authentic partnership. We will continue to grow and evolve with time, so that we may provide the best services possible for our clients, who are dedicated to achieving positive impact in the world.

We hope these summer months have been fruitful for future planning and ideating, and that you are finding some time to rest and rejuvenate as fall approaches.

Forging Forward: 100 Episodes!

We reached a huge milestone on Friday, July 14 with our 100th episode of Forging Forward!

What started as a way to connect and have meaningful conversations about the ways in which the pandemic was impacting our sector, turned into a weekly podcast bringing folks together to discuss a much broader range of issues from all aspects of the industry, the respective impact, and ways organizations can “forge forward”.

We had incredible conversations with many inspiring guests, to whom we are grateful.

For the remainder of the summer, we will be taking a hiatus from Forging Forward, and are exploring how we’ll be back later this year with a refreshed approach. In case you missed it, our 100th episode featured Brian Crimmins with guests and Changing Our World veterans Kevin Allan, Maureen Flynn, and Tycely Williams. They shared their unique viewpoints and expertise on how our sector is evolving, as well as what is changing with technology and how information is consumed.

Brian Crimmins joins
Washington Speakers Bureau

We’re thrilled to announce that Brian Crimmins recently joined the exclusive roster of speakers featured at the Washington Speakers Bureau (WSB), the world’s largest talent agency solely focused on the corporate speaking and lecture circuit.


From Brian, “Over the past few years, it has become apparent that the nonprofit sector needs to re-establish radical connectivity with its supporters as a balm to the dramatic downturn in giving in the US, and corporations need commit to authenticity as they navigate today’s fierce ethical scrutiny. This is a message our sector needs to hear, and through speaking engagements, my aim is to elevate the conversation around these urgent issues.”

ICYMI: Giving USA 2023:
Where do we go from here

2022 is not a point in time or a passing lurch for the nonprofit sector; it is the result of a steep, steady, and years-long decline in giving participation amongst American households. The decline has been increasingly shored up by a small number of mega-gifts, but less than 1/10 of 1% of nonprofits benefit from these gifts, making it a highly untenable strategy for the overwhelming majority of nonprofits.

The fragile nature of how total charitable giving has grown is increasingly revealing itself. And it’s clear, every nonprofit will now have to make a choice.